West Gallery Renovation part 3

I was originally intending to post about the floors, but wanted to detail some of the steps needed before the floor installation.This area was the original footprint of the 1920 farmhouse – the overall area of the elevated West gallery is 24′ wide by 40′ long. When I originally rebuilt this space in 1989 it needed to be divided for the studio space and dressing rooms. Before I get to the floors I need to open up the area to make it one continuous space for more flexibility for retail gallery space.


This area has two display windows. This side arched window was originally installed with a residential window unit. It was beautiful, but vandals broke one of the panes and the only way to repair it was to remove a great deal of interior trim. I decided to replace it with a commercial insulated unit – the panes are replaced from the outside. Here I’ve prepped for the new window that will be finished with drywall returns.

Drywall-moldingI saved the original  interior window trim piece and used it as a mold for the new drywall return piece. All commercial drywall has to be 5/8″ Type X to meet commercial code in our area. You just moisten a regular drywall piece and slowly mold it to the form.

finished-arch-windowThe finished drywall returns and the new arch window installed – simple and clean.

New-front-windowThe front window was also replaced and finished with drywall returns. The original window was a single double insulated tempered glass window that was 6X9 feet. It was so large that it was hard to get replacement windows over the years. This new design is much more user friendly and much less expensive to replace one smaller pane. Because this window is so low, it’s lower elements are tempered glass.

divider-demo-1The original room was divided where the loft office ended. It was designed to complement the Victorian gingerbread trim that was originally over the door opening. We’ll make it a clean, simple design. The bathroom door – now turned into an art glass display room is on the right.

divider-demo-2Demo in progress. I’ll leave the columns next to the wall. They will be repaired and refinished.

divider-partsThe columns were made from #2 1X8 pine. The dividers were clad in thin tongue and groove wainscoting and finished with a latex paint whitewash. The finish still looks like new after  20 years.

divider-demo-3The left hand divider is removed. You can see the line where the green carpet in the gallery area and the grey vinyl tile in the studio divided the space. The right hand divider will also be taken out.

ceiling-repairThe ceiling will need some repair before being repainted.

open-floorThe area is now open with the two columns on the walls repaired and refinished.

Now we’ll get to those pesky floors in the next post.

3 thoughts on “West Gallery Renovation part 3

    • Thanks Ian – I can get some better angles because I have a loft office with a balcony. Makes those overhead shots easy to shoot.

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