Iron Ceiling Part 3 – I love Frank Lloyd Wright

Back to the gallery ceiling elements. We finished the central iron work and placed the large aluminum stage truss across the width of the room. The black iron brackets were mounted to the reinforced ceiling to hold a 1000 pound load.

UnpolishedOf course, the aluminum is unpolished and that won’t do in a retail environment.

Francia-cleaningI did get Francia to do some of the cleaning – as this renovation was one dusty project. But polishing the truss? She’s a really smart girl  and contributed about 10 minutes on that project.

Truss1 Since I don’t have any images of the truss details when I installed it – I’ll fast forward to today. Back when I put up the truss I spent 40+ hours to hand polish the thing to an acceptable appearance. Power to the truss is through one of the 3/4″ flexible armor cables and the other is for the stained glass window lamp that goes to a central lighting timer control.

Window-LampThe round window lamp was converted from a theatrical spot. The aluminum housing also had to be hand polished.

Lamp-clampThe great thing about the truss system is that you can use it to mount almost anything. The lamp is attached with a truss clamp. Easy to adjust or remove. There are two timed outlet systems. One for the TVs and one for any additional need (Like Christmas lights). All the electrical lines are run through 3/4″ armor cables.


I used the truss to mount a video system that would showcase gallery items on two interior viewed 32″ TVs and one 52″ TV that is viewable through the front window. The brackets for the TV mounts also clamp right on. I built this before super thin and light LED TVs were available.

TVOne of the two interior facing TVs. These are Samsung LCDs that have run 12 hours every day for more than four years. The brackets for the DVD player, splitters and accessories are also fabricated from aluminum flat stock. The truss makes a great place for Christmas garland as well.

TV-sets-twoThe large TV weights nearly 100 pounds and was mounted by a series of clamps and polished pipes. These are also removable and fully adjustable.

Large TV mount 2

The two pipe bracket mounted to the wall are off the shelf items with a couple of custom fabricated sleeves to make everything work. Of course everything had to be hand polished as well.

We’ll get the floors in next.



2 thoughts on “Iron Ceiling Part 3 – I love Frank Lloyd Wright

    • Thanks so much – yep a lot of Mother’s Aluminum polish and sore arms. It took three trys on the floor selection, but it turned out pretty well. It’s comming up.

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