West Gallery Renovation part 2

We left off with the large aluminum stage truss installed across the width of the room to be used for a variety of gallery display options. Now we’ll turn our attention back to the now removed bathroom / dressing room area. I decided to use this as a display area for art glass that we feature in the gallery. The space will allow some isolation from the general space and add some interest to the large two room galleries.

Glass room electricalI routed the switches for the front gallery lights into this display area. I also routed the HVAC floor vent into the outside wall into the main gallery room.

Glass room ceiling

You can see that fancy sponge painted walls and wallpapered ceiling in all it’s 1980’s glory. I removed the recessed cans and bathroom vents.

wall patchThe patches that cover where the center wall was removed are in place. The working plan is taped to the wall that has general dimensions of the room. As usual, this will be a total freestyle project – I’ll never learn.

display cabinet layoutThe first display case mock up. I decided to have two display units on each side of a single display unit with a bump out for visual interest…you’ll see.

display cabinet duoThese are the face frames made from #2 pine, as I want the wood grain to show through when I white wash this. The electrical is in place for the low voltage transformers to power the cabinet lights.

cabinet buildSince I have this nice big room to work in, I built the cabinets on site – handy! These are made from furniture grade 3/4″ plywood.

display cabinet detailSince these are built in cabinets they don’t have to be complete boxes. The bottom and back are open to allow for the electrical access. I used pine framed doors inset with bead board on piano hinges for access. Cabinet backs are 1/2″ furniture grade plywood.

cabinet bump outThe central bump out ties the two large display cases together. The top detail will hold a red stained glass accent that will match the iron ceiling detail. The bottom wood detail is the opposite of the top.The clamped top panel is also inset with pine bead-board.

shelf bracket holesI made an aluminum jig to drill the shelf pin holes in the side panels before I assembled the cabinets. The low voltage halogen track with lamp head is shown. I’ll probably change these out to LED soon.

display cabinet opposite view

Looking the opposite direction. The doors and casing will be removed to put up smooth door opening transitions.

display cabinet finishedIt’s hard to get good photos in this space – but here is the finished display area. The doors and shelves are 3/8″ tempered glass. The top shelves are not in place. The doors have heavy duty pivot hinges due to the glass weight. The interior of the display cases and walls are black.

display doorAnother bad shot with reflections. I’ll do a video tour of the gallery in the future. You can see the bathroom door was removed and new casing installed. There are overhead halogen lighting in the cases as well as MR8 track lighting placed next to the door openings.

More to come.



6 thoughts on “West Gallery Renovation part 2

  1. Beautiful cabinetry! Even though I’ve never seen it in person, I am relived to see the burgundy sponge paint and floral wallpaper disappear. I was never a big fan of 80s décor or style–then or now!

    • Ha,ha – thanks D’Arcy! The sponge paint thing was a trade out with a customer – I never liked it – but I have to say I can’t blame anyone else for the wallpaper ceiling.

    • Ha, ha! Hi there – I have several more antique cases that I have yet to finish – it’s one project after another around here. Thanks for stopping in!

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