West Gallery Renovation Part 1

Well, boys & girls we are still in a holding pattern for getting back to the old home renovation. Seems like the doctors are planning to extract a few more dollars from this guy before they let me get back on a ladder. In other words I have two more months of surgeries and recuperation time.  So to keep from figuratively withering on the  blog vine, I thought I’d dust off the last gallery renovation and let you see the process. Again, I did this one mainly by myself – except for the iron ceiling. Total time on the renovation was 9 months.

Iron ceiling? Yep it will be revealed soon enough.

    West gallery beforeThis is the West gallery wall – the little room that the ladder is leaning on is a display room at the front that we’ll take down to allow opening the window sight line.

West gallery ceilingI’ll also address the ceiling as well. I’m converting this from a studio space into retail, so we’re going to need to add overhead lighting that is adjustable. The round window is a 4′ stained glass window of my father. I’ll post a story of it around father’s day.

plastic tarpWe’ll start in the front room – where the studio used to be – and we’ll get rid of the bathroom / changing area. I built a new bathroom in the office area so this one can go. Up goes some plastic sheeting to try and keep the dust down.

West gallery reno setupThen we’ll block this area off with some movable panels. This will allow me to keep this retail area open a little longer and still move some big stuff in and out of the construction zone.

Bathroom demo 1Now tear down the walls and gut the bathroom.

Bathroom Demo 2I’m leaving the wall that separated the bathrooms from the gallery. I’ve got a plan.

Display room demoDemo the front display room. HVAC returns and electrical had to be revised.

Display room wall gone

The room is gone which will add some natural light in this space. Testing the paint color for this section of the room. Yep, it’s yellow – not mustard yellow, but still pretty bright. I painted a large area to test the colors in different lighting conditions. I didn’t think a  little test patch of color on the wall would give me enough to visualize.

Display room floor raisedSince the floor in the display room was lower than the other floors, I had to bring them up to the same level.

So far, so good. Everything’s working out and nobody got hurt.

Stay tuned.


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