Nance Galleries History part 2

Here’s some more old photos – and a little renovation too!

nance galleries

Continuing this little history missive has been pretty interesting. I’m doing it mainly for a record for the family, as I have inherited all of these old photos and negatives. Almost every family has snapshots and vacation photos. What makes it a little more challenging for me is that my dad was a photographer and on many photo shoots he would have extra film left over and would take a couple of photos of the family or the  business. So when I would go through an envelope of negatives of a lumber mill I would find a picture of me – like this.

curt-with-cameraYou know I still have that camera – and I know how to use it. Why I even have unused flashbulbs and that little black leather photographer’s bag to my right? – I’ve got that too.


I found some additional shots of the showroom – they sure…

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2 thoughts on “Nance Galleries History part 2

  1. Love the history, Curt.

    I think I actually remember the aquarium in the family room in the 70’s?


    John A. Chaddock, 2


    • Hey John! I’m glad I don’t owe you money. Actually it was a different aquarium – but you are again correct from 1968 to 1974. You know, I misplaced my car keys in 1977 – would you happen to know where they might be? Thanks for stopping in, old friend.

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