Nance Gallery History

I thought I’d add a little history about my real job. They’ll be some remodeling going on big time in some later posts. Stay tuned.

nance galleries

It’s been 66 years since this little enterprise was born. A long time.

I thought I would put together a little history of this place, and show how things have certainly changed over the years. I’ll be rebloging these posts over at my renovation blog at misadventures in remodeling – the other place I spend a great deal of time. One reason is there has been a lot of renovating over the years – most instigated by yours truly. You’ll see.

Mom Dad

Here’s Mom & Dad – Marian and Owen Nance in 1946

Dad 1946Of course dad had to have a flashy car to impress mom. Notice the Nance Studio on the door.

Hudson Hornet 1952A couple of years later he had to get a flashy Hudson Hornet in 1952.

321 S Kentucky Ave at Walnut 1955By the 1950’s the new studio was located at Kentucky Ave. and Walnut St. This was Highway 41 the major North – South roadway…

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2 thoughts on “Nance Gallery History

  1. What fun to see these old photos! Love the old equipment, the wallpaper, and the Hudson Hornet! My dad had a mysterious darkroom in our Milwaukee basement when I was a kid. The red light was spooky. (I worked as an offset printer in college, so I got over that.) Pop also had a model railroad in the basement when I was so little I could barely see over the tabletop. Thanks for sharing your memories and bringing back some of mine!

    • Thanks so much D’Arcy! I have so many boxes of old photos to go through. After all my dad was a photographer 🙂 Funny how certain memories of our childhood remain so vivid. It’s nice to know it brought back some memories for you. Thanks again.

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