Crash Boom Pop Crunch

You might have received a little note of gibberish from me the past few minutes – please forgive me as I am still slightly under the influence of pain killers. But I digress-

I noticed from the calendar that it’s been some time since my last post.This was beyond my control this time – no laziness or busy schedule to place blame. Nope, this was an old fashioned accident that has kept me until now from the keyboard.

On June 8th I was happily detailing the rain-screen underlayment on the mudroom addition. Limestone cladding is going over this little addition, and my twin ladder and scaffold board setup was working fine and I had been working on them for several hours – that is until a wasp decided to visit me dive bomber style.

On wave of the hand and off the ladder I went backwards. Determined to avoid a head injury I made sure I landed feet first. And I stuck the landing. that’s a good thing – and a bad thing. Good= no bump on my noodle Bad= 60 year old bones at 8′ on to a concrete sidewalk meant there would be problems.

So I sit and write this note to you in a wheelchair – a place I’ll be for the next three months. One foot whose heel is now sporting a metal plate with 8 screws and the other leg complete with three pins.

So no pictures this time – but the good news is I will walk again. I will get to continue my epic little misadventure.

Perhaps the old girl needed a rest from my constant revisions – or maybe I did.

Whatever the reason – I’ll be back doing and redoing – and I let you know what’s going on right here at Misadventures in Remodeling.

Here’s wishing everyone a safe and happy summer.

Talk to you soon.



20 thoughts on “Crash Boom Pop Crunch

    • Belated thanks for the wishes. It has been a very difficult recovery. But I never do things in a small way. Happy summer.

  1. Curt,
    Sorry to hear of your injury, but glad you are healing. Does this mean revisions for handicap accessibility? Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned that idea.
    I have really been enjoying your blog. I grew up in a farmhouse that was over 100 before my parents bought it, but it had gotten indoor plumbing. I think my father remodeled continuously for the 35 years they lived there.

    • Thanks for your reply. These old girls can be a challenge to remodel. But I love bringing a home into the next century.I’ll be back at it in the Fall – it’s cooler then. Hope you have a safe and happy summer.

  2. Curt, my old friend,
    Didn’t I teach you to bend the knees when you stick the landing?

    Sorry to hear you’re out of action. Will you be around the shop?
    I hope to see you soon. Take Care! -jc

    • Hi John..
      I should have taken your advice. The one knee was already bad…this didn’t help. No shop time for me, but you can call the gallery and come over – I’ll be the guy in the wheelchair.

    • Hi Julia!
      You would think I could get it together with all this planning time – but I’ll probably keep stumbling through the design. Good idea you have – but it just makes too much sense for me. Have a wonderful summer.

  3. Hi Curt, I started following your blog a couple of months ago, and was going to comment on your pointy closet but never got around to it. As soon as I saw that pointed ceiling, I understood why you were taking the time to redo it. It’ll be the most awesome closet ever!
    I’m sorry to hear of your accident. I read your post to my husband, because we’re also remodeling our 100-y-o house (, and our 60-y-o bones send their sympathies to yours! Hope you heal quickly and can get back to your project!

  4. Oh Curt, really? What is it with guys and roofs/ladders/falling? You’re the 2nd person I know in just a few short weeks to have taken on a physics challenge under the name of “house maintenance/remodeling”. Bodies hitting concrete never ends well.

    We wish you the speediest of recoveries and hope that you are not in too much pain. Having said that, it could be interesting to see what kind of plans and ideas you come up with while on the “good stuff”. Hopefully this forced vacation from remodeling will give you a fresh perspective on the project. You never know, you may come up with your best ideas yet. All the best to you during this time of recovery! Do let us know how you are!

    • Hi Janet! Well, I hope I’m the last acquaintance of yours that bites the dust. Truthfully, it’s been a really hard two month. Like everything else I seem to be an overachiever – broken so bad I was in the hospital and nursing home for weeks. Your house is looking beautiful, and I’m envious f the progress. You have beautiful stone and siding – I have housewrap. Another six weeks and I’ll be walking, so the old house better get ready. Vacation is over.
      Have a great remainder f the summer. Stay safe.

  5. Yikes! May your bones heal quickly and get you back to what you like to do best. Our work continues on our lake home and will need you back asap to encourage us through this slow process. Feel better soon.


    • Hi Kim! Sorry for the delay, just getting back to my senses after two months. I’ll be back in the fall to hack, hammer, and saw the old girl into the 21st century. Keep me posted on the lake house – that sounds like so much fun!

    • Greetings friend – thanks for the encouragement. As you well know, slow and steady wins the race. Right now I’m pretty slow but not too steady. I’ll work on it. Enjoy the remainder of the summer. .

    • You are so talented and kind too! I posted on your blog on paint color, but couldn’t answer your question-can’t get into the house to check the paint cans :). You have the perfect blog and i learn so much for you. Have a safe and happy summer..

  6. Thanks so much for the reassuring comment on the pointy closet. My wife doesn’t seem to get it, but that’s OK. It had to be pointy in my estimation. Just found your blog and its wonderful! Kindred spirits always know that it’s way more complicated to remodel a grand old home than one of those young mid-century whippersnappers. I’ll be back at it in the fall – six more weeks in a wheelchair and I promise I won’t feel like sitting down again – ever. Have a wonderful and safe summer.

  7. Oh dear, Curt, I’m sorry to hear this happened to you. My hubby banned me from ladders and scaffolds because I’m far too clumsy (and power-tools on ladders is an even bigger no no). But even the most steady of people would lose their balance if they were being dive-bombed by a wasp. Yikes! I really hope you’re back on your feet again soon.

    • Thanks for the well wishes. I’ll be back on the ladder in 6 weeks. I’ll make sure there is a softer spot to land next time.

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