Master Closet – It’s complicated

After finally getting the major bones of the staircase in place, now we can turn our attention to the master closet on the second floor.

original closet window

This is where we will start. Well, sort of – I had re-insullated the ceiling and put recessed halogen lights up there…but becase we I don’t have a clear plan – this will change. The window is a two foot octagon, and it’s a little weak. I plan to put a stained glass window in here when I’m done, so we need something a little more substantial.

So just pop in a new larger window – no problem.

Of course, it can’t be that easy.

Time to get back outside.

stripping siding front entrance

To put in a new window for the closet, we have to make some adjustments on the other side of said window. Besides we’re gonna put some limestone here. As I strip off the old aluminum siding I see what was there before.

door pediment

Kind of a neat pagoda style door pediment. Very cool – but odd for a house like this. Looking at the structure that held this in the wall I suspect this was removed by 1940.

Too bad I have stone going here. This would have been a pain to recreate – but what fun!

scaffold front entrance

Here’s my technical scaffolding set up for putting up plywood sheathing.

I might add my front yard is looking pretty spiffy! I’m particularly fond of the rusty rebar roll. Looks like I’ve got some mail in the mailbox! Classy!

front view

Why pay an architect big bucks when you can tape up a cardboard cutout. Yep, a three-foot window ought to do the trick.

So now that we know what we’re doing, we can go back inside.


closet window removal

We’ll strip off the drywall and see what we’ve got. Well there was a little insulation and that’s about it. Framing is minimal so we’ll make an upgrade. Piece of cake.

new closet window framing

The framing is in place for the bigger window.

closet window waterproofing

I brought the 1/2″ CDX plywood down past the window opening on the outside and waterproofed the sills with a little protectowrap.

Integrity octagonal window

I used Marvin Integrity windows for the two large octagon windows since they don’t open and will have stained glass in them.

front entrance wall sheathingThen just continue down with the sheathing and house wrap.

 I’ll spare you the session of yucky removal of the soffits and fascia boards. The box ends of the eaves will be reconfigured and clad with Azek, as will all of the trim.

Of course, now we have to deal with this.

original front door

The front door. It’s wood, it’s warped and leaks air and water like a sieve.

OK, you’ve convinced me to replace it.

door opening start

But first we have to make a good home for that new door.

Hey, I thought this was about a master closet?

I told you it’s complicated.

Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Master Closet – It’s complicated

  1. Love it! It is truly impossible to make just one change…it almost always cascades into a waterfall of chaos, additional work, and fun. Love the new window. That pagoda thing was pretty neat, I can see how that would have looked nice where it was located. Bummer about the front door, that definitely has to go. What a difference a good front door makes!! The yard photos are classic (and classy!!). It has gotta scream “work site”. Seems that things are moving along!

    • Hi Janet! Your house looks so great! There is nothing not touched on this old house. How far from just changing out the kitchen linoleum! I’m sure the neighbors will be so happy when all of this is finished..and so will I 🙂

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