DIY Valentine

Most of you that follow along this little adventure know by now that I love renovations – the more complicated and challenging, the better. Cost is no object – time is not a concern.

But really when you clear all the sawdust, the tools and debris – when everything is painted and arranged just so… all you have is a house, nothing more than just some walls and a roof and a shiny thing or two. It’s only when you add love does it really become a home.

Francia July 31 2012 lite
The most important reason I renovate is that I love my wife more than I could ever express in words or actions. It is my renovation, but it is our home.

I love the puzzle of the hollows and valleys of our bodies ~
how they fit together as we sleep.

The sweet sensation of the being ~
the texture and contour of your skin as you
lay beside my soul.

How bones and flesh contain the one so dearly loved ~
and the comfort given, as touched in the still of night.

Words fail to express that which lies within so deep ~
the touch of heaven that lays beside me,
each night, as we sleep.

With love, Curt

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

15 thoughts on “DIY Valentine

  1. You’re so creative, I should’ve known you’d be a romantic, too. Beautiful wife. Beautiful home. Happy Valentine’s Day to you both!

    • Thanks Sara – gotta stop and smell the roses sometimes – well, once I get the drywall dust off of em’. Thanks for the kind words.

  2. Hi there! Happy to have found your blog, as we are in the beginning stages of our remodel. Will definitely “follow” for the inspiration and the enjoyment of your creative writing. Beautiful poem!

  3. So nice! Glad to hear you’re finding ways to keep the romance going during a project which, by it’s nature alone, introduces tention and stress to the mix like nothing else! πŸ™‚ That’s a great photo of your wife…love the casual elegance. Hope things continue to go well with your project! We past the rough inspection and are in insulation mode. I feel like we’ve just completed one circuit on the world’s “highest/fastest/most insane” roller coaster and are heading up the big hill for another go.

    • Thanks Janet! I’ve been watching the amazing transformation of your home. Beautiful! I just wish I had a few more hands to get my reno done within 5 years. We’ll see. That roller coaster never seems to stop, does it?

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