Sunroom #6 Window Install

Well, I look at the calendar and it’s been over a month since I touched the keyboard for this next post. Things have been pretty busy here at Misadventures in Remodeling – as in lots more misadventures. Dang, I think I’ll have 5 years of posting to do by the time I get this thing finished.

But let’s continue with that Sun room addition.

       window instal 1    Here is a typical window framing detail. Header above, jack and king studs on the sides – sill at bottom. The walls are 2X6. I used 1/2″ plywood for sheathing, but most use OSB.

window instal 3Sill guard is used to waterproof the sills. Marvin windows made this, but I think it has been discontinued because it was hard to work with – now you tell me. House wrap in under  the sill. The wrap will be pulled around to the inside on the sides once the sill guards are in place.

window instal 4The smaller windows are pretty easy to instal by yourself. Here the house wrap is pulled inside on the window sides.

large window openNow the larger windows are a little more difficult if you’re installing them solo. The instructions say install these windows as a single unit – with windows closed in frame. After putting in 20 or so of these guys – I found you can get a better result if you do this…

large window in piecesJust take the windows out – you now have a frame that weighs 30 pounds or so – sure beats trying to hold up a 100 pound plus window from outside on a ladder.

Big windowNow we’re in the big leagues…gulp – these weigh in at 250 pounds and are over 7′ long. Drop one of these on your toe and it’ll leave a mark, I tell you.

window dissasembledSo we do the same – the center window is fixed and each side window opens. Taking out the windows lightens the frame up to around 65 pounds.

window strapProper installation with sill guards call for mounting straps on the bottom of the window. This way you can solidly attach the bottom of the window into the structure without putting holes in those fancy sill guards.

John , CurtHere’s were neighbor John comes to the rescue. He holds the frame while I square and plumb the window.

Center window instalHere John holds the center window in place while I reinstall. The opening casements on each side just snap into place. But they are heavy!

big windows inThe two big boys in place. Now to go lay down and take a rest. These dogs were almost too much for this old renovator.

2 wall windowsThings are starting to take shape. The octagonal window will have a stained glass insert. This wall will have the TV and fireplace below. With custom display cabinets – whenever I get around to designing them.

That’s it for now. It’s the time of the season that I sweep away the sawdust and spend some quality time with the loved ones.

I hope you have the opportunity to do the same.

Happy Holidays everyone.

May your renovations be merry and bright – and all your fixtures fit right.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


6 thoughts on “Sunroom #6 Window Install

    • Hey John – Happy Belated New Year! Google 632 S. Villa and that’s were I’ll be. Sorry I missed your visit to the gallery. Hope to see you soon.

  1. Hi there! I’ve been wondering how things are going on your project! It’s looking great. Installing those windows….crazy! Props for being resourceful and finding a way to make it work. Did you ever get your limestone? I was curious as to how that went, you were about to go pick it up in your box truck. 🙂 Glad to hear you’re taking a few days off for the holidays….Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    • Hi Janet – sorry for the long delay. Gallery work and this place has me booked about 20 hours a day. I have been following your progress – looks great! Yes, I took a 26′ box truck and a lot of manual labor (post to come) to get 10,000 pounds – that are now laying in our yard. My neighbors must love me.

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