Yep, Sunroom #5

The weather is starting to change, so I’m in a race to get things buttoned up before we get below freezing. Not to mention that I ripped out both floors’ HVAC systems. Yikes! Gotta kick things into overdrive.

A word about wall construction. There are several ways to build the wall corners. I usually build them with a ‘U’ shaped element that faces towards the interior. This allows you to insulate the corners after the sheathing is on. The old school guys used different construction methods which would leave voids in the corner after sheathing.  I filled all the voids in the corners with rigid foam before they came back to sheath the walls.

Here the sheathing is going on. Most folks use strand board for exterior sheathing. I’ve never been a big fan of strand because it has less nail holding power over plywood. I also like to go over code requirements. In our area, the roof sheathing minimum is 7/16″ I use 5/8″ CDX ply, wall minimum is 3/8″ and I used 1/2″ CDX ply.

Here you can see the sight line from the kitchen. The reason this thing has taken so long and cost so much is that no plan’ thing again. I started a couple of years ago thinking I wouldn’t be adding the sunroom – so I had placed a new custom exterior 4′ french door at the tune of 700.00 – now gone. The wine bar location to the left was finished, ready for cabinets and counter tops – but I decided to redo that area and raise the ceiling.

Speaking of ceilings – I have a story to tell about the one I finished, then removed in a future kitchen post.

House wrap going on. So you can see that the mudroom in the back and the sunroom in the front are kinda twins. But the sunroom is bigger.

The old exterior wall incorporated into the new structure. The crew put this up while I was gone, and I had to spend a few hours with a power planer to get the wall surface flat.

Here is the fireplace wall. I plan to add a direct vent fireplace with media center here. Built-in cabinets and another stained glass window above. The top window was supposed to be an octagonal window – but the framers didn’t do the rough framing. I’ll show you how to do it later – maybe they’ll take notes.

And the wine bar area before I tear it apart for the second time. I swear I have too much energy and not enough sense. You can see the 2X12 headers that are used above all of the openings – this will allow 8′ openings into each space. Most rooms have 9′ ceilings.

This is a long drawn-out adventure – and I think my five little feathered friends would agree – or is that my five man framing crew after I put a hex on them?

Stick around – more hi-jinx to come.


10 thoughts on “Yep, Sunroom #5

  1. Well done Curt! What an amazing job you are doing. I can well relate to your “project” taking years. Mine has been the same, a labour of love perhaps? Having said that I haven’t gone to the extent that you have. You are very clever!!

    • Thanks so much Clare! Kind of a crazy project don’t you think? Labor of love – it must be or we wouldn’t do such things in our spare time.

  2. You blow my mind! I’m not sure how you keep yourself sane tackling these huge projects. I wish I had some of your tenacity (just a small amount would be nice. Jealous!) Looks amazing, Curt. Lots to be proud of here. Love seeing the progress.

    • Hey you crazy hipster! You crack me up with your enthusiasm, Stacey! Tenacity is easy – just give up a real life and eat sawdust for years. Thanks for the encouragement – I need that.

    • Well, if you don’t look like Dan Draper and you don’t talk like Dan Draper – and you don’t smoke like Dan Draper – at least I can drink like Dan Draper.

    • VE – you are so smart! You were correct – the spam thing did like you. Funny – I didn’t think you looked that suspicious….

      • Hey John…I’m not far from your childhood home. On Villa between Lincoln and Bellemeade – just look for the house with housewrap and the cement mixer in the front yard.

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