Sunroom Build Part 4

As we continue with this pesky addition, we still have stuff to fix in the floor/foundation department – but we’ll get there.

Now that we have the new floor joists tied into the floor trusses, we can turn our attention to the wall removal to the kitchen. These were the exterior walls to the old concrete porch.

This is a view from the Kitchen towards the sunroom – I mean where the kitchen will be sooner or later. The old exterior wall has to come down so that I can build a header to tie into the new room structure.

Here the wall is removed and the floor decking is down. This is Advantech Flooring. This stuff is heavy and is a great subfloor material.

The view of the crawl space as the floor goes over the top.

The start of wall construction. 2X6 walls going up by my one week framing crew.

First wall going up. It won’t take too long for this small room.

Of course it’s time for some more rain. This is where that subfloor is great. The stuff can handle a lot of water without lamination issues. Also in this picture you see the double laminated beams that go over the front window openings. This will provide more structural strength both for vertical and lateral stability.

This shows how the new room will be incorporated into the existing elevations.

The ridge is set. This is a double thick laminated 24′ beam – it took 7 guys and a front end loader to set this thing 14′ in the air. So it wasn’t a single guy project like the mudroom.

Framing done here. Well, except the end wall windows are not the right size, but nothing that can’t be fixed.

While rough framing is underway – the steps and front entry are blocked in.

So we keep marching along – lot’s more to do.

Come keep me company.


13 thoughts on “Sunroom Build Part 4

    • Thanks so much.The weather was so dry for so long, but it’s been raining a lot. That’s the reason I had the framing crew in to get in under roof in a week. Enjoying your blog adventures.

    • Seat – you keep writing and I’ll keep hammering. What will we do when we finally get our renovations done? Or will we? The joy is in the toil.

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