Sunroom Build Foundation Fiddling part 2

Continuing the foundation build on this challenging project.

The forms are off of the poured walls, and you can see the crawl space access hole below the double doors. I made the crawl space 4′ tall for extra storage. I didn’t go deeper because it would be classified as a basement which would require additional drainage and other  details that would have been cost prohibitive. We have 1000 sq feet in the basement plus this 320 square foot storage area.

This is the block work start. It is integrated into the poured wall and is centered on the footers. You can see the anchor bolts that were set into the poured wall. These will be used to bolt the treated sill plates to the foundation.

Finishing up the block work. This will give us a room about 16′ X 20′.

Block work is finished with the exterior 1 1/2″ Styrofoam insulation on the outside of the block in place.

Insulation will be wrapped around the whole exterior. But I still have those jacks holding up the front – sooner or later I’ll have to get rid of those things.

So the drought in our region of southern Indiana is officially over – again we had a record rainfall. I know I should have started this project in the Spring – we had very little rain for more than two months – but now it’s pouring big time once a week or so.

And with the water on the outside, it soon becomes water on the inside too. I think I’ve seen this movie before. Hopefully the water in the basement will disappear when I get a roof over that foundation.

The interior 1 1/2″ insulation is installed and then the 4″ concrete floor is poured. The treated sill plates are installed with anchor bolts that were mortared into the block.

This view lets you see the ‘U’ shape of the new layout. The back  building is the mudroom and this new sunroom outer wall is even with the mudroom wall, creating a patio area of 12 1/2′ X 25′.

The patio area will have a curved sidewalk to the driveway with limestone steps up to the sunroom.

Here the concrete base is being put in. The bricks will be set in mortar over this.

The finish concrete for the patio.

One day I hope not to see a concrete truck ever again.

But I have a feeling that won’t be for awhile. Stick around – we’re just getting started.


6 thoughts on “Sunroom Build Foundation Fiddling part 2

  1. Those of us in California are so jealous of those of you who have basements….oh for the additional storage and living area. But I am afraid that earthquakes prohibit them and even make the idea kind of scary…so for now we will all have to make do with our rented storage units and envy your basements.

    • We live on a fault line in this area – so earthquakes are possible. But our biggest threat is tornadoes, so a basement comes in handy then. 🙂

    • Thanks! So much to do – but we’ll get there. I’ve got the concrete guys and had a framing crew in for a week to get it under roof – then back to me working by myself.

  2. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating—your house is so charming!! I love getting a glimpse of the exterior.

    We just went 24 hours without power due to the storm… and I kind of think I’d rather do that again than ALL the work in this post!!

    It’s going to be lovely when you’re finished!!

    • Thanks so much VE – it’s nice to hear encouragement. I’m glad you made it through the storm ok. And your Draper post is a scream. That guy’s a dope for not getting your number. Let me know when you write a book – I’m planning on building a couple of built in bookcases, and I’ll need a book to put in it.

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