Mudroom Build – 5 and counting

Well, fellow renovators and bystanders – sorry for the delay. Seems like the time has been slipping away – so let’s get back and update the old mudroom. It’s still not finished, waiting for me to get the routers out and make some cabinet doors. All in due time.

Speaking of cabinets…

As I was posting the last installment of this blog I realized that the dryer has a steam feature. Ding, ding! Just registered then that I have to have access to be able to use such a feature – as in you have to get a hose connection to the dryer.

So out comes the cabinet again and a new hole was cut so that now I can noodle a hose to that nifty steam feature. Dang that dryer – first a side vent and now this.

So about this time a box arrives from Restoration Hardware.

I got this far…

When I realized that the ceiling electrical box will need to be changed.

Double dang.

So out comes the box, the trim blocks and other already painted stuff.

No one said this was gonna be easy all the time.

I chose this 14″ Clemson Double Pendant in polished nickel from Restoration Hardware. I like this because it has a Holophane type of shade -allowing my bead board trim to get a little light.

Here I have the lights hung and all the trim painted and back in place, ready to test.

Looks like I’ve got lights! And no one was electrocuted – yes!

The over the sink light is from Rejuvenation. It’s called the Halfway. This one is in Polished Nickel and a frosted ribbed shade.

Next post we’ll get some counters on top and other minor things. Then it’s off to the Sunroom for awhile.

Come keep me company.


17 thoughts on “Mudroom Build – 5 and counting

  1. GORGEOUS!! It’s too nice to do laundry in there. Maybe you should consign the machines to the basement and make it a reading nook!! You could redesign it just a smidge and put a fireplace in… and some built-in bookcases… and maybe surround sound??

    • Ha, ha…I have a feeling most of the time it will be a fancy place for my wife to leave her shoes. Actually, what you described is what I plan for the sun room addition. Great minds think alike 🙂

  2. Looking good! You are really talented, I’m so impressed. I love the light fixture from RH. We’re struggling to find one for the kitchen, and we can’t seem to agree on anything. That’s deflnitely another topic!

    So what else are you putting in the mudroom? I haven’t read all your posts yet, so I need to get up to speed. We’re doing a mudroom too, mainly as a transition room from the garage into the house, complete with ample space for shoes/boots, coats/gloves/etc and dog gear. And…(I am so excited about this)….a dog washing station so we can wash off their muddy paws. Yay!

    • Hi Janet –
      Looking forward to watching your project. I’m lucky in the conflicting opinions department, I’m the picker outer and putter upper, so we don’t have issues on selections. I wish I would have made the mudroom size bigger – I have a feeling there will be lots of shoes in there laying around. Not much space to hide them. There’s only two of us, so the dirty clothes aren’t a big problem. The dog wash is a great idea. And if you put it in a floor level one, they work great for washing all kinds of stuff. I have a couple of years of posting to do. Go up next week and pick up the limestone for the front entrance and the mudroom – 10,000 pounds worth. So that will be some interesting posts, I’m sure. Keep up the good work – it’s worth it!

    • Thanks Kelley! So much to do. If you saw the whole house you would poop your pants. Everything is a mess but one and a half rooms. But I’m working on it.

  3. This is a great laundryroom! I love the lights you picked out. It is amazing how hard it is to shop for lights and pick out just the right ones that work. That super wide trim works. The ledges work. The porthole window works. The ceiling is so cool. You are doing a great job and if it is just a place for wifey to deposit shoes I guess you best be working on a shoe rack huh? LOL

    • Hi Ms. Jay – thanks for the kind words. As to the shoe rack? I have two racks I bought from a shoe store that was going out of business downstairs. But they’re full already 😦

    • Thanks so much. Your home is looking great. Can’t find much of that old world charm in the US. I’m afraid you’ll be done way before me.

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