Mudroom build part 3

So we’re now stuck with some blazing yellow green – ‘Lemon Pie’ wall paint as Meghan calls it. I gotta cover some of this stuff up or I’ll be blinded by the sunlight coming through all those windows.

This is the SW Springtime. I’ll be able to tone it down a little – trust me.

The little gizmo just to the left and above the center window is a mechanical vent for the plumbing. I didn’t want to run a vent stack through the roof, or find a way to get it there with the vaulted ceiling. So, I’ll have to make something to hide this little eyesore. It has to be open and accessible in case it needs to be serviced or replaced.

Here you can see the boxes for two cabinets. As usual, I just put something up and see if it sticks works. This is the first step to hide that vent. Also, you may have noticed the new stripe of drywall that’s missing. Well, I decided it would be hard for my tiny wife Francia to lean over the counter (imaginary for now) and turn off the sink light. So I moved it over to the door wall. Another freestyle design faux pas.

I’ve got the ceiling trim details worked out on the bead board ceiling. The center block with the wires is for the pendant lamp that will go there.

Drywall is being patched. You can see the start of the light bridge that joins the two cabinets. I wanted something that made the back wall a cohesive element. And see that the vent is now hidden behind the top molding base flat stock element.

You can see the crown molding being added as well as the center block for the sink light. In the foreground you can see the start of the built in ironing center. My wife didn’t know what that thing was.

Here’s a closeup of the lighting block and molding details. No wires are visible to this light. I built a chase to run the conduit between cabinet panels, so everything is covered. This is one of my favorite details in this room.

This shows the crown molding on the cabinets with the band stock that gives the tops of the cabinets some mass. It’s needed in a tall thin room like this.

Here’s Francia pretending to be very tiny.  Actually she’s standing (squatting) on the 1/4″ cork insulation that is recommended for in floor heat on concrete slab foundations.

The Suntouch in floor heat is going down. Same as used in the bathroom, it’s harder to install but has no emf radiation.

And now you see the start of my biggest mistake on this project so far.

Stay tuned – I’ll tell you why in the next post.


14 thoughts on “Mudroom build part 3

    • Thanks Dianne – looking at your project I think it might be he who gives me a few tips on optimism. That is a big project you have there- but it can be done. These projects are more of a test of perseverance than skill. I’ll be watching.

  1. This space is awesome! Well done and very functional, and I’m definitely curious to find out what the “biggest mistake” might be. Talk about suspense!!!

    • I love the radiant floor heat on tile floors for sure. I’ll have it here and both bathrooms. The cabinets are good to hide bright paint. 🙂

    • I wish I lived in So Cal too. Your description of your kitchen seems to be right out of my playbook. I’ll be watching for your upcoming reveal!

  2. That room is fantastic! So bright and open. Your cabinets are great! (Well, actually it’s the crown molding I like, but I guess the cabinet part is nice too…)

    Radiant heat is such a great solution for a concrete floor… your wife will thank you this winter.

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