Mudroom Build Part 2

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to update this little story. Things have been, well just a little busy. The sunroom renovation is now under roof, anticipating quite a bit of rain for the next few days. There’s lots to tell about foundations and a 20 foot steel beam – but we’ll leave that for another post.

Now let’s continue the mudroom build.

Here we have the windows installed. I used Marvin Ultimate double hung windows here. This is a traffic area outside – I used the double hung windows instead of casements to keep people (myself included) from running into open windows.

Here are the framing details for the basement door and entrance into the kitchen. The basement door shown is just a stand in – I’ll use the same type of door I used in the bathroom. It will have obscure glass instead of clear.  Above the door is an opening for a cold air return for the HVAC system. Typically you don’t have returns in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms, but due to the volume of this space, it was an option. So of course I built one.

The plumbing is in place. Because I plan on having a counter over the top of the washer and dryer, I added an extra pair of water shut offs in the basement. If (if ever) I went on vacation there would be no way to reach the shut offs in the laundry box once the washer is in place.

The insulation is going in. I used unfaced fiberglass bat insulation with a rating of R-25 and a 3/4″ layer of foil faced foam under that for the ceiling. Side walls are faced fiberglass R-19

Drywall in. I used scaffolding for the ceiling. But I tell you – 5/8″ Firecheck type X drywall is pretty heavy stuff. It’s the last time I hang a ceiling without some help.

Here’s a better view of how the basement and back door are integrated into the space.

I’m trying to figure out the trim for the octagonal window. Since a 4 corner window would have 4 cuts at 45 degrees – an 8 corner window would have a 22.5 degree cut. Pretty simple.

Starting the window trim. I use furniture grade poplar – it’s a little more expensive, but it sure makes trim work much easier.

I decided to make the ceiling details using 3/4″ bead board.  Well, we couldn’t make this project  that easy, could we?

Oh, I can make it even more of a challenge. I want to make the ceiling bead boards seamless. I had to bend the 12 1/2′ foot boards up over the roof collar ties. The notches for the collar ties had to be cut in place because if the notches were cut before bowing them enough to get in place they would just snap in two. You can see the boards laying on top of the ties ready to be notched.

Bead board in place and in the process of wrapping the collar ties to give them a more box beam look.

Time to add a little color. This is SW Springtime. It seemed overwhelming to me at first. I called in Francia who said she loved it. I think you’ll see that it does work when I build the cabinets in and add the wainscoting . I hate second guessing myself. Francia to the rescue again.

More to come.


14 thoughts on “Mudroom Build Part 2

    • Thanks Sara – the white is a Benjamin Moore pearl finish. It is custom mixed to match plain ceiling white paint. This is the same as the bathroom wainscoting and trim. I think it works well with appliance and bath fixure whites. It also matches up very well with Cabinet Coat which I used on all of the cabinets and window casings.

  1. You make it seem like a breeze! Oh… I’ll just hang this sheetrock by myself! WHAT!!!!!??? Are you serious? I think you have some kind of super powers… maybe a cape? SR Super Renovator… faster than a drill driver and more more powerful than a frame nailer. (HA HA!) Seriously, this is very impressive and I need to pick my jaw off the floor. Beautiful, Curt… absolutely beautiful. So much progress. Where do you get the energy? Oh yeah, you’re super powers… I forgot. (giggle) LOVE IT! The color is great, too! I would do a thousand loads of laundry in here and NEVER complain. 🙂

    • Stacey – you are so funny! I think it’s you who has the super powers. I always seem to try and do it myself. I think it keeps one young – with mental and physical challenges – that’s what this renovation is all about. 20 years ago holding a full sheet of drywall and using a screw gun wasn’t that much of a challenge. But now I’m 58 and still hang on ladders and scaffolds like a monkey. At my age, holding a full sheet of 5/8 drywall requires more mental than physical power. To hang it I made my scaffolding so that I could lay down and hold it up there with my feet! Sorta like Michelangelo, but without paint and brushes – and talent.

  2. Wow you have been busy. I can’t believe you did that already!! And yes I agree the color looks refreshing. Here I sit in my kitchen…the only room with electricity admiring your addition. Can’t wait to see the finished product

    • Hi Mz Jay!
      You know I follow your hijinks religiously. The time frame is compressed, as I did this last fall – but it’s still isn’t finished. Doors to make, final plumbing to instal. Always something – You know that feeling, don’t you? Keep up the posting and good work.

  3. Wow! I can not believe how much you are getting done. I suddenly feel very lazy lol. I also can not believe you did the ceiling yourself. When we did the ceiling for the kitchen, the TWO of us held one piece up for about two minutes, then I was on the phone renting a dry wall lift. Nice job!

    • Hi Nicki – Remember I have been working on this place for three years, so I’m trying to catch up to ‘real time” on the blog. I did this over three months. I also spend an average of 8 hours a day on this project so no need to feel lazy – I’m just overly focused on this house. :). You were also very smart getting a lift. Sometimes I have more energy than brains.

  4. LOVE the ceiling! What a great idea with the beams too. I’ll have to check in later to have you convince me about the color choice – very bold. Right now I feel like it’s a little lemon-lime pie… but I’m sure you’ll convince me with the finished photos 🙂 Looking forward to it…

    • Your right Meghan – it does look like some kind of lemon pie kinda thing. But you’ll see that the other elements will counterbalance that bright color. I think…

      • it’s growing on me… with those cabinets and the flooring it looks like it’ll be more of a splash of color… very bright and airy… I’m warming up to it. 🙂

      • Meghan – your eyes will finally give up and give in. It’s bright, no doubt about it. We have more to cover up – you’ll see.

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