What’s Happening Now

Well, I know I was supposed to start the chapter of room addition #1 in this next post. But…so many interesting things have happened since that big blue dumpster arrived last week.

So to refresh your memory the 20 yard trashcan looked like this. Think of the possibilities!

I only have this for a week, so we better get busy.

Here was the front before. My poor tree is doomed. No takers on Craigslist.

And here was the side. I say ‘was’ as you will see in a minute this will change.

Here’s looking at the interior of the small porch. I think I want a skylight.

And looking out. It’s a pretty skinny room out there with a concrete floor.

So let’s gut this! I have a dumpster to fill.

Out with the screens. My favorite! Blown in insulation – snowing in August!

All cleaned up and ready for the dumpster. So after a Saturday afternoon of sawing slamming and a lot of sweat – I get this…

Maybe that skylight is a little larger than I anticipated.

Two thirds full and it’s only a day after the trashcan got here.

Stay tuned – there’s some interesting developments coming up. I’ll need your extra good karma this time.


10 thoughts on “What’s Happening Now

    • It’s just starting to get interesting! Wait till the concrete comes out and you see what the combination of dirt and termites can do to a 70 year old house.

  1. Wow! When you tackle a job… you really tear it up! (in a good and OH MY GOSH way) Ha ha!
    See, I would have been a nervous wreck about the skies opening up and dumping rain all in my house. You are a brave one, Curt. Which is probably why you get so much accomplished. (jealous!)

    • Stacey – you see this is why it’s good to have every room torn up at the same time. It will get much scarier in the next post. I may look like I’m all over the place, but I’m pretty confident with my skills. I do know when to bring in the ‘big guns’ – like the foundation guys you’ll meet in the next post.

    • Victoria – it seems they have it everywhere. It was in the kitchen ceiling with the master bath above. In the next couple of posts you’ll see some extreme remodeling underway. I know you’re rooting for me. Thanks!

  2. WOW even Iam shocked. I was like okaaay he is going to knock down and interior wall and putin a skylight. Boy was I ever suprised!! I have some suprises myself this weekend…I HOPE

    • Reading your blog I know you’ll have something interesting going on. I’ll be looking for an update. Do you think my skylight is a little too large? 🙂 It will work out – I think.

    • Hi and thanks for stopping by. I hope it’s not me laid out by the time it’s finished – but I love your positive attitude!

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