What’s Happening NOW Trees and Trashcans

OK, my posts are usually after the fact – it makes it easier for you to follow along as I try to tell a coherent story from start to finish. Also, if I make an embarrassing blunder – well, we can edit that. The reality is that there is a ton of stuff going on at the same time – none of which is finished. But this is what’s happening today. Getting ready for room addition #2. You’ll read about the start of room addition #1 in the next post.

So this guy shows up with this 20 yard trash can – how could I say no? I filled one of these up once before – I think I can do it again!

If you have read any of my previous posts, you know that I may be thought of by most arborists as the devil incarnate. Here you see a butchered boxwood in front of a beautiful 20′ Cryptomeria Japanese Cedar tree. Of course the previous owners had it planted one foot away from the foundation. I have put it on Craigslist hoping someone will come and dig it up in the next few days…if not – well, you know what happened to the other unfortunate victims. If you know someone in Southern Indiana who would love this beautiful tree, send them my way – pronto.

One more thing about trees. Take a close look at the big one right behind the dumpster. See that stripe running down the trunk? There has been a drought here for months. But the last rainstorm we had also sported some powerful lightning bolts. And guess where one of those lightning strikes would happen to hit? Any ideas? Why right here, deciding to visit the last tree on our lot, of course.

If you are a tree and live in my yard – be very, very careful.


12 thoughts on “What’s Happening NOW Trees and Trashcans

  1. With all that talk about scary weather it makes living in so Calif seem downright dreamy! I feel sorry for those beautiful trees and if I lived closer I would definitely come by but understand that the room addition must move forward. I hope someone calls!

    • Yep, I’m still hopeful someone will want it. I was searching all over to try and find what kind of tree it was – found a tag on the tree that was still legible. So I plan to plant some of them after the renovations are over.

  2. hooooly crap…we’ve been getting some lightning storms in Upstate NY and there are some tall trees around our house, about the same distance as that one. I’m anxious to see how much of that dumpster will be filled, have fun!

    • Been working on filling that bad boy up yesterday. Seems like trees don’t have a chance on my property. After all the dirt moving is over I plan of planting this same type of tree along with a couple of male ginkgo.

      • Cool. We are hoping to find a nursery that sells walnut trees so we can plant around the house. My husband says they have them growing all around the beer gardens in Germany…supposed to keep flies away! 🙂

      • I don’t know if it makes a difference as to what kind of walnut tree (or what kind of flies, for that matter) but I’m pretty sure it won’t attract any more bugs than usual!

  3. I continue to be baffled by the way people do not seem to understand that trees grow… BIG. I mean, if you look around, you see proof all over the place. And yet? They seem to think it will not happen to them.

    Our previous owner planted one right next the front porch/stairs. And it had pretty much eaten all the available space by the time we moved in… we tried moving it, but it died.

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