Let’s Go Outside, Shall We?

OK, we’ve muddled around in the house for long enough – time for some fresh Southern Indiana air. So let’s refresh our memory for the reason I stopped to look at this house in the first place back in 2009.

So it had a certain charm. It was shady and embraced by a big old tree and great landscaping in the other lot of this twin lot space.

So looking back toward the street – I just loved the shade.

The front had some nice plants as well as a nice tree. So I bought this house – yea!

Well, there you go – I thought what a smart little house shopper I was. But there was a problem lurking overhead and below. The beautiful old tree that was beside the drive was 50% over the house – the arborist said it was infected and the roots were compromising the foundation and causing a problem with the basement wall. It was cracking and buckling the driveway and had pretty much made a mess of it.

Gee – I’m so glad I bought this house.

I loved it just the way it was, but it clearly wasn’t safe and only a matter of time before things would be crashing down – or roots would be meeting me in the basement.

I hate this part – hate it.

Down they come. I guess it’s a good thing – lot’s of problems in the tree – with a lot of weakened wood.  And behind that big old oak tree and the crane is another skinny little tree – 60 feet tall and dead. A type of cherry tree. That came out too. The tree guys took that one out nearly whole to take to a sawmill. Oh, and the tree I liked in the front? It was planted way too close to the house as well. So it had to come out too.

Man was I sad.

So here is the front after the trim job. Looks bald and sad.

And the side.

So now I have been thinking – when given lemons – why not make lemonade? So this presents some new opportunities.

Let’s do this!

If I move the driveway – which was messed up by tree roots – over there by that red truck – that would give me some space to add a couple of rooms.

Great! Think of the challenges – the design problems – the hardships – the money.

I’m in.

Come join me on this fiasco –


11 thoughts on “Let’s Go Outside, Shall We?

  1. Seriously? Are you messing with us? HA HA! If you do this… I’m in too. I’ll be your biggest fan and cheer you on BIG TIME! You are so brave. Have you ever bungee jumped? You seem like maybe you have. (laughing)

    The tree thing is sad. I say this from experience, as we had 26 trees removed from our tiny lot and most of them were rotten or diseased. It’s sad to see them go… but you certainly don’t want problems later. You did the right thing… and your house is STILL AWESOME. So much character with that tall peak in the front. It grabs your attention!

    • Hi Stacey! So nice to see you and Victoria here together. I think of you two as the ‘Caulk Queens’. Yep, let’s build a couple of rooms – I have some ideas scribbled on a piece of paper. I love the mental challenges of freestylin’ home design. I’d do the bungee thing in a minute – but this is more of a tangible experience.
      Thanks for your kind comments and ENERGY.

  2. That is a super cute house!
    Taking down trees just feels wrong. Especially since the space left behind feels so empty and drastic… But you’ll get used to it, and get new landscaping… although maybe not for a while if you ADD NEW ROOMS to your house. You might be a little busy for the foreseeable future!!

    My dad grew up in South Bend, Indiana, and when I was a kid, we spent our summers at my grandparent’s lake cottage, which my grandfather built himself in the 1960’s. Both my parents are teachers, so as soon as school ended, we would pack up the car and start driving. To me, Indiana is the most idyllic place on earth.

    • Hi Victoria!
      Yep, just planning a couple of rooms – what else would I do with my free time? I think I have a method to my madness. Indiana has it’s advantages sometimes. We are at the very bottom of the state on the Ohio river.
      So before the rooms go up I gotta get this driveway sorted out.

  3. One of my favorite trips EVER was to a wedding in Indiana…we rented a house on the Ohio River, watching the barges pass the front window. 🙂 The wedding was in a little town called Bethlehem, and our dear friends lived in Nabb. Best weekend ever with the nicest people! Absolutely loved the pig roast the day after the wedding. 🙂 will enjoy following your renovation updates from here on out. Glad you found me so I could find you. 🙂

    • Yes good old Indiana – Nabb is about half an hour north of Louisville. We call them folk North Easterners- as we are the to the farthest southwest of the state. Lots of beautiful scenery and people are nice here – problems for renovators is finding the things to put in it. Love your blog and can’t wait to read more.

  4. I had to also take down a few trees for the same reason and now I know the rule…the edge of the branches is where the roots end so if branches are growing over your house roots are under it. Also that’s a great guide to remember when planting trees. know how wide the tree gets and it should be planted at least half that distance away from the house.
    Now having said that…lets build some rooms. LOL

    • Girl – you are one busy DIY’er. I love to read about your adventures. I don’t think I have quite the energy you have – now if we can just limit those shopping trips. And thanks for sharing the tree tip. It’s a shame – the pine in the front of my house is planted next to the foundation – so it’s gotta go too. I wish people would plant trees to your specifications – life would be easier on the homeowners – and more importantly, we could save a tree or two.

      • I know but I think we are all guilty cause when trees and plants are small they look so lonesome and it looks better when planted closer to the house but what a disaster later on. LOL I am running very low on energy!! I hope to get back to my kitchen this weekend cause I swear I am tired of not cooking. and I hate to cook okay? LOL

      • I love watching what going to happen next at your house. I looks like another year before we have a kitchen. I always seem to put too many plants in the yard. I’ll try to use my lessons learned this time.

      • me too. I had a landscaper draw a plan for me and I been implementing it the last couple of years. Its starting to look nice out there.

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