Finishing Up the Bathroom

OK – now we have almost reached our destination! Well, for one room that is. We’ll finish this one off and march right on into the next – and believe me, there is lots more to do.

Also, I added a lot of links in these posts. They aren’t monetized or have any hidden links. (mainly because I don’t have a clue how to do that) I try to show exactly what I purchased the good or bad – and I’ll tell you if I had problems with any product or company.

A place for the tranquilizers

Here the Keller Sconces from Restoration Hardware are fitted. The beveled mirror  from Dulles Glass & Mirror in the Medicine Cabinet door is in place. I used a 1 1/4″ bevel on the mirror to give it an antique feel. To the right is the Honeywell in-floor heat thermostat.  The cabinet knobs are from Home Depot.

Let there be sink.

My challenge in this bathroom was how to keep a little of the vintage feel in the space, yet make it fresh enough to feel current. I went with a Porcher L’Expression Pedestal sink. Sounds fancy, don’t it? I like the towel bar in the front and it’s wide enough of a sink to be useful. This was important, because I couldn’t use a really wide sink due to shower door issues.

For the faucet I decided to go with this Rohl Cisal Classic do-dad. Why is this stuff so expensive? It has those cross handles with Hot & Cold but with a more modern shape. It’s a really nice faucet – for a faucet.

The crazy over produced shower.

OK, this is stupid, I know. This little shower has two 3/4″ water supplies that go to 2 Hansgrohe I Box fixtures. Who needs that? The shower controls are Hansgrohe Metris C Thermo balance. The top for the rainhead and the lower one for the Raindance Wall bar set. Because of the way I made the shower (with that little jog) I had to use a support rod to hold the glass at the top. There is a 12″ panel to the left and the door is hinged off of that – to clear that fancy L’e whatever you call it sink.

Finally a tub – or two

So we finally have a bathtub!

This is bathtub #2 from Signature Hardware. This is a long story, so I’ll keep it brief. That fancy thing at the end of the tub is called a tower drain. I’m not certain why I liked this so much – I thought it was pretty fancy. The problem was that it didn’t play nicely with the tub I got from Signature Hardware. The drain area was too thick on the tub, so the drain wouldn’t fit. So I called Signature Hardware and no problem – we’ll ship you another 285 pound cast iron tub. This company is really great to work with.

More noodling with that drain

So the drain comes with all kinds of hardware. But it just didn’t seem to fit my tub that great. This is the support bracket that has multiple holes to allow for different spacing of the drain. The clamp on the tower could be raised or lowered to tighten the support. It was always wobbly.

So I just took off the offending member and took it to a machine shop and had them make a nifty little stainless steel link – I polished it up and now no more wobblies.

Would I do this again? Nope – no tower drain for me – but all is well and it works – so we’ll just leave it at that. Oh, and the stuff on top – that telephone looking thing is from Vintage Tub – A Deck Mount High Spout Clawfoot Tub Faucet with Handshower and Porcelain Lever Handles. That’s what they call it. I call it a lot of chrome.

These little gems are from Jado – called a new classic robe hook. They seem to complement the other round elements in the room.

Hiding the toilet

You can see the toilet lurking behind the door.

Boldly sitting where no toilet has sat before…

Here we have a Toto Carlyle Skirted One piece Toilet. With a Pottery Barn Mercer train rack overhead. The rack is OK, but the finish is a little substandard. But it works fine for towel storage.

The only thing I reused in this bathroom was the toilet paper holder.

Gotta save money when you can. I gave all the other fixtures away (except for the alcove tub – who had an accident with a sledgehammer.)

Handle it

So originally this house had glass knobs and small oval plates. These are from Rejuvenation. The fluted door knob and the Colonial Revival door plate in polished Chrome. This is a classic thumb turn lock – they have a kit that you can use on a modern door to have this original feature. I didn’t want to put a push button lock after all this… Obsessed? Keep your thoughts to yourself.

Almost ready to go…

So now all I need to do is hook up my new tankless water heater to take a shower -but  it’s still sitting on the basement floor.

So there you have it.

One room down and several rooms to go. While I was building this room I had a great Idea! Lets add a new entrance to the back of the house! Sure – right after I get the basement waterproofed and move the driveway.

Stay tuned fearless warriors – I’ll need your good Karma.


40 thoughts on “Finishing Up the Bathroom

  1. Gorgeous!! Your wife is loving you!! We did a Rohl country faucet too… and they are NICE. I love the color even more than the first post I saw it in… and I still love your crown molding. Isn’t it nice to be done? (Well, almost done… I guess you do need hot water.)

    • Hi Victoria! I had to get one room done or she would kill me. She has been pretty patient – three years worth. I really didn’t get a picture of the ceiling molding – but it’s the same as the shower and medicine cabinet. I need to get a better camera. I am taking inspiration from your bath. I will make a new door for the Medicine cab that covers the bottom shelf too. I like the larger mirror. I’ll just put it on the list. Thanks for your kind words.

      • You know what? As soon as she takes a shower in her brand-new bath?? She’s going to forget all about the wait and the mess… seriously. There is something about the perfect bathroom that gives you amnesia for the bad parts!

        I think your open shelf is a really nice accent. Something about it balances out the space between the sink and the cabinet itself… and I love that you can see the beadboard at the back. I love anytime you can see those small details!!

      • Thanks Victoria. I had worked to get that balance just right – thanks for noticing. The problem is my wife is short and she can only see her head in the mirror! Her master bath will have larger mirrors so I will leave it for now. I hate it when I second guess myself. Thanks for the suggestion. Happy 4th!

  2. Okay, I’m seriously sitting here in a daze… totally speechless. (which is rare!) This is … well, I’m not sure I know a word that works. It’s fabulous! The details involved in a project like this make my head spin and yet you seem to have made it seem so easy and doable. HOW’D YOU DO THAT!!!! (laughing).
    Every faucet, light fixture, show head, knob, and drain represent so much thought and follow through. Renovating bathrooms and kitchens for me are the toughest because they require SO MUCH for such a small space. You pulled it all together beautifully. All your choices are perfection! I have a bathroom that needs refinishing if you get bored any time soon!

    I purchased a shower head (a really cool one, too!) from Signature Hardware and they DO have great service. I’m very pleased. We also decided to go with a tankless water heater and I’ll NEVER GO BACK! Is it gas or electric?
    Well, happy showering, toothbrushing, soaking, and flushing to you – all with style! Beautiful job.

    • Stacey – you are way too kind. But thanks for noticing the details. Some other obsessive stuff you can’t see is the cabinet doors are the same elevation as the window grills. The knobs are placed inline with the top of the wainscoting. Being an art dealer makes you look for rhythm and balance. You are so right, it’s in the details. I have a kitchen remodel coming up. Here is the obsession. I’m planning a 14 foot natural quartzite counter down the middle of kitchen. In the past week I have been to Louisville – Kentucky, Nashville – Tennessee and Chicago to find just the right counter tops. and I’m still looking. Please pray for me… Oh, and the tankless heater is gas.

      • Ha Ha! Consider it done…
        I know there are slight differences in quartz and quartzite(harder) but I put quartz tops in my kitchen remodel last October and there’s not a day that goes by that I’m totally THRILLED every time I walk in the room, work on the surface, or clean it up after. For me, there is no better choice for your kitchen….so I wish you well on your hunt, it IS A BIG DEAL! I totally get that. hummmm….. 14 feet is massive!!! Can’t wait for that post. (no hurry!) LOL. Happy 4th to you.

      • Thanks Stacey and Happy 4th to everyone! I found some great natural quartzites at MGSI in Chicago. I’m thinking this Iceberg or this Mont Blanc These are solid natural stones that look sorta like marble only they are much harder. I love the quartz surfaces, but no – I have to be difficult and find a naturally occurring stone. I’ve redesigned the kitchen 3 times, so I think I’m getting close to finalizing the beast.

  3. Love the finishing touches! I have to wait to re-do our bathroom next year, but man this gets me motivated to start planning it! Great job… love the pictures.

    • Thanks so much Meghan! I’ll be looking for your bath updates on your blog – but you kinda have your hands full right now. Beautiful little boy!

      • Thanks. I’ll get lots done this week with my Mom in the house. I’ll post about the current bathroom and ideas I have later this week!!! I am determined to put in wainscoating but hubby thinks itll be too traditional so I gotta come up with some ideas to make it more contemporary-our style.

      • It’s good to have a little time to think. The kitchen I am designing for this space is a little more modern, and it has wainscoting included on two walls. I’m sure you’ll come up with something that works in your space. Enjoy your rest.

    • Yvette – thanks so much – the problem is there’s no hot water. But hopefully I’ll get the heater up and running in the near future. Enjoying your blog.

  4. Holy schmoly batman!! That bathroom is gorgeous. I would willing to do a lot of things I won’t type here for that bathroom. The green color even works for me. Sold!! Box it and ship it, lol.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post. I am total tiny potatoes compared to you. I am hoping to switch out my bathtub before winter, so I can have one deep enough to soak my bones. I’m sure I’ll write about it.

    Great job, lloking forward to reading your other posts.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by! Some of the posts are a little tedious, but this is a total whole house project – so there’s things about replacing termite damage and rot. But they’ll be lots on design and pretty stuff. As you know, little things make a big difference, so you’re certainly not tiny potatoes. The best of luck to you!

  5. Wow! The bathroom is absolutely gorgeous!! We’re replacing the faucets in our bathroom sinks this fall and I thought that was going to be a task in itself… but you have simply inspired me! Thanks for sharing the details of your project and the photos. What a job well done!! 🙂

  6. Thanks so much! It’s nice to see other renovators with the same mindset. We freestylin’ renovators need to stick together! I appreciate the kind words. I hope I make it to the master bath – it’s a total renovation as well. Oh, and let’s not forget the complete kitchen – then there’s that sunroom I’m building – did I show you the mudroom yet? Yikes! There’s stuff to be done – I better get going.

  7. That is fantastic! Being serious into it myself, I can appreciate what a ton of work that beautiful bathroom was. I’m sure that your family will enjoy that for years to come!

  8. Wow! What a fantastic renovation! And I had to laugh to see you wrestling with issues and making similar choices as we did. I found you today when you stopped by my blog, so I don’t know if you had seen my previous bathroom reno – it is called something like “Oldating the Beach House Bathroom” – I think you’d enjoy it. Looking forward to seeing what happens to the rest of the rooms in your place! Cheers!, Jacqueline

    • Hi Jacqueline. Thanks so much for stopping by. You have a spectacular blog. Such a nice renovation on that bath! My wife allows me to indulge in all things design. I, by the way, am a collector of Netsuke and cloisonne, among many other things antique. I hope I get to show some of them by the time this project is finished. Three years in and so much yet to do.

    • Thanks so much!All bath renovations are head scratchers, no matter the scale. Seems like most women like the paint color in the bathroom. Could it be that it’s similar to the color of a Tiffany jewelry box? I’m not so certain. You did a great job on your bath project – and You were just smart enough to have a purchased a home that didn’t need a total rework. Live and learn they say – I’m definitely learning. I’ll be watching.

    • Celia – that’s quite a compliment from a designer like you. Thanks so much for stopping by. I’ll get some more design ideas as I read your blog. Thanks again.

  9. A tower drain… of course it’s called that! That’s the only thing that makes sense for it to be called! We have a tower drain on our tub. We had the tub reglazed, but kept the tower as is…there used to be a piece of porcelain gracing the top of it but it’s broken off and lost. Wish I could find a replacement, just for aesthetic reasons. What would be the prewar equivalent of a tennis ball on a shifter knob… 😉 Your bath looks perfect!

    • Thanks so much! It’s glad to know there are a few tower drains around. And it would be really great if you could find a knob for that thing. There is surely one out there somewhere. Good luck on the hunt! I’ll keep on the lookout for one.

  10. Your bathroom colour is gorgeoussssss!!! I chose something similar for my bedroom .. but yours looks wayyyy more beautifull! Yes i like your bathtub too.. nice old-fashion shape! 😀

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