Bathroom Color

So now we are getting somewhere!

Let’s start putting this puppy back together again. Sure, there are some re-do’s to do. But we’ll work them out.

1st let’s change that lame shower trim out with the same crown molding I used on the medicine cabinet and ceiling. (which isn’t up there yet)

The Doors

Nope not the musical kind – here I have made the raw door frames for the cabinet. Not sure why I mitered the corners – I think I’ll change them later when I have time to do a lap joint. But there I am obsessing again.

Let’s add a little color!

OK, so now it’s time to bring a little personality to this place.

This color is Robin’s Nest by Benjamin Moore – my wife liked it, as it’s not too far (a little greener) than the Tiffany Jewelry box color. I thought it would play nicely with the wainscot color which is a ceiling white color.

Doors on the Cabinet

Here are the 1st fit of the primed doors. They use a 3/8″ inset euro hinge.  I used the same hinges on the Medicine Cabinet. They are snap types, so you can remove and install the doors easily. This is the only euro style hinge that I have found that works with this vintage style of cabinet door.

Let’s Trim Something, shall we?

Here are the trim details for the top of the chair railing. It is three pieces using a simple cove molding underneath and two flat stock elements. You might notice that all the bead-board spacing in the room is also aligned to the corners. It takes just a little longer, and you might lose an inch or two of paneling material, but the result will look much more professional.

Make it pretty.

Here the doors have been painted and it’s starting to look like a room again. The Azek trim looks identical to the wood. Can you see that little stagger above the shower? I thought it would add a little visual detail to the space. I reality, it added several hours of fiddling with drywall corners and crown molding trim.

Was it worth it? No, not really, but it looks good in person.

A little privacy, please!

The door has been added and trimmed in place. So now when the door opens, you don’t see the toilet. Oh, and that door handle? Not to worry – I’ll put a brand new period style handle in later. In the background you can see the Toto skirted toilet ready to find a permanent home.

Testing, testing, testing.

One thing I do ‘do’ is test fits. I’ll do it a dozen times if that’s what it takes. Here is the 1st test of my ‘great idea’. I decided to put a marble back splash behind the sink. That’s why I cut my brand new drywall. So, for now, I’ve passed the test.

Hurry, before something goes wrong.

So I quickly finished the trim details on the wall. I have the mirror in the back of the medicine cabinet and bead-board backing in the shelf. The receptacle in the Cabinet is on a GFI circuit, so this is a no shock zone. The HVAC vent is trimmed in the wall and out of the middle of the floor.

A touch of marble

 So I decided to add a shelf and the window sill made from the same Naxos marble. This was the only stone I could find that I thought complemented the painted wainscoting. It’s a crystalline marble, and lacks the veining of black or grey in other white marbles.

My favorite part so far is the door to the bathroom.

As I have said in the past, I do all of this stuff pretty much on my own. My beautiful wife defers all things design to me. I did, however want to use a rain-glass insert – but Francia thought this obscure glass pattern would be better. She was so right on this one. The diffused light through the door has the impression of a watercolor. It adds to the feel of the hall space.

Well, no bathtub yet – but I have a feeling we’ll “slip” one in the next post.

Stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “Bathroom Color

  1. LOVE the door!!! What a creative idea!!! Have you been to the GM tower in detroit? No idea who designed it but the bathrooms there are all frosted glass… no exterior walls, just frosted glass… loved it!

    • Hi Meghan – thanks! I was lucky that there was an adjacent little closet to this bath. Since I was rebuilding the wall, I was able to align the new door to the toilet alcove. Never been to a Motown bathroom, but sure would love to see it.

    • Thanks Victoria. I thought I could get away with a little more vibrant wall color since the wainscoting is more than half the wall surface.

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