The Rise of the Bathroom

It seems to me that this blog thing is taking too long – but how do you condense these things down? I spent countless hours on researching and reviewing many, many pages of ideas and information. Hopefully, someone will read something I post and at least save a little time or money.

So now that those altruistic musings are released – On with that dang bath remodel.

First up – find a place for the toilet.

Here’s the spot.

Looking across opposite the shower wall was a coat closet and laundry cute. Simple – take out the wall and make this the toilet alcove. The door entering the bathroom will block this area when it’s opened, and when looking in, you won’t see the toilet at all. Good idea!

So let’s get the wall down and door frames out of the way. That bundle of wires is the alarm system – we’ll move that somewhere in the basement.

Framing in the toilet alcove. I used 2X4 on edge for the outside hallway wall to gain another 2″ in the toilet alcove. The inside wall is a closet for one of the 1st floor bedrooms, so didn’t want to move that. This gave me about 34″ in the alcove. Big enough.

The completed wall with the fantech fan system installed. The are actually two fan systems in each bathroom. This unit is for the toilet area and general bathroom. The other is specific to the shower. They have adjustable timers that continue the fan exhaust after the lights are turned off. More on them in a later post.

Here is the ceiling with unfaced insulation ( the pink plastic is perforated ) and another fantech port. Each vent has a halogen light inside the grille. The recessed lights are insulated airtight units with electronic transformers. So we have 3 lights up there by the main bath area  – also one in the toilet area and one separate system in the shower.

Now we’re getting somewhere. The windows in the whole house are getting these.

Marvin Ultimate Replacement Casement

I researched long and hard on this element. Every window will be replaced in this place. Although they are called replacement windows, I installed them like new construction windows. More on these later in an individual post. Also you see the beginnings of my home made medicine cabinet. I found a few I liked, but wanted a different combination – so why not make it? Why do I talk myself into these projects?

Hit the deck!

So now time to reinforce the floors for tile to come. The original floor is 3/4″ pine decking – not gonna make the deflectometer requirement for tile.

So here I gridded out the screw pattern for the 1/2″ plywood that is added for strength. Make sure you gap at least 1/8″ for expansion – you don’t want no bucklin’ here!

I decided to make a cabinet above the stairwell going to the basement. This will give me much more storage that will come in handy when Francia brings in all that girly stuff.

Also notice the protecto wrap on the window surfaces for waterproofing. Also a sill guard is used for complete waterproofing. The insulation on the exterior wall is foil faced on the side facing outside. Be careful when you insulate! Know your climate and what’s required – make sure you never have a double vapor barrier in the wall system.

Medicine Cabinet Home

So here is the future home of one well constructed medicine cabinet. This is the wobbly wall I should have just taken down. But you can see where the reinforcement is for the new sink, plumbing and the new / old sconce placement. Also, you can see where I ran the stackhead for the HVAC in the wall by the shower. This cabinet is semi-recessed, with a depth of 6″ overall.

 So there you have it – another installment of this bathroom saga – and we haven’t gotten to the bathtub yet.

Stay tuned….


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