Bathroom Deconstructed

So where were we? Oh, the bathroom is ready for a total gut job and reassignment surgery.

Let’s get cracking, shall we?

So first the easy part. Take off all of the surface materials. Remember, this is a 1930 bungalow, so it’s plaster and lathe in the original areas.

First, the sink wall.

Well – what do we have here? So let’s count the code violations.

One (I mean two) hidden junction boxes. On each side of the old medicine cabinet – which was long covered over. These were the original locations that were buried in the wall. Inspectors would be not too happy with this one. Also, the over the mirror lighting wiring that was existing was not grounded. Opps, can you say shock hazard? I’ll point this out to Francia and tell her that it was a great idea to gut the bathroom.

Safety first I say.

I also want to correct my earlier post. The cast iron venting is visible in the above photo – so my memory stands corrected – and that vent will be corrected in a future post.

Moving along, nothing to see here.

Now the ceiling was drywalled, so out with that – and what do we find?

We find the expected wood lathe with wonderful blown in insulation above.

This job just got dirty.

Nothing to do but grab a dust mask and get to work…

 So this is the insulation from the bathroom ceiling. Notice the background? That is the kitchen in ruins as well – but that’s another story. But I do kinda like the toilet in the kitchen.

So lathe begone!

I took all of the lathe off the studs to have a base to rebuild the building. In this picture is the small pantry door that faced the kitchen entrance – we sacrificed this space to make room for the shower.  To the right you are looking at the stairs that go to the basement and the back door that opens into the kitchen.

So first on the agenda – is getting a 36″ shower shoehorned in this space. It can be done…I think. First move the utilities. I’ll move the electrical and HVAC refrigerant lines – but I’ll need to bring in the plumber for the waste pipe relocation. Curt will be poor this week.

One small victory. We have successfully moved our utilities into the wall bay. Yea!

No time for celebration, though.

 Looking up, I see we have breathing issues as well. These are the exhaust ducts (with vinyl which is no longer code) for the bathroom vent. These were connected to a small bath fan/light and vented out the eaves. We’ll change this for some super-duper vent systems to make sure we have the most efficient venting. It will be overkill – trust me.

Ok, let’s make something – enough of this destructive vibe.

Here is the beginnings of the shower. Yes, we’ll make the 36″ shower. In hindsight, I should have taken down this wall that was common with the sink. It was so skewed and humpy. But no, I left it and spent over 30 hours making this thing plumb and level.

I chose a Swanstone solid surface shower floor. I chose this because of the small size and the difficult fit in this location. Small spaces are often harder to get true than large, open spaces. So this was the right solution here.

So that’s all for now – but the good stuff is on the way.

Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Bathroom Deconstructed

  1. Your gut photos gave me some kind of post-traumatic-stress flashback… When we gutted our old-house bath, we found an entire other bath underneath the one that was visible. Two floors, two tile layers on the walls… twice the work…
    Your progress looks fantastic!

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