How to tell a Story

It’s been on my mind how to actually tell this story so that it will give the perspective of the past, the distant past, the really distant past and today and tomorrow.

Because I started with no plan, many projects were done and revised and done again. I might say that the original effort would have been adequate, but as design improvements presented themselves – well, it was a logical step to make changes. You agree, don’t you? Painful? Yes. Expensive? Ouch….

This is what it looked like in 2009

Original 1st floor bath

So I started out with just removing the wallpaper…

 But then It seemed the bathroom wanted some options – It was speaking to me…this cabinet could be converted to a shower…humm

So that would allow the window behind the tub to be reopened… and find a place a little more discrete for the toilet.

 So now is the time to bring in a big trash can.

This could get interesting…

Stay tuned…


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